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Welcome to MadMetal's world of custom machine parts!

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We build custom parts and custom cars

Some of our builds include projects for "Junkyard Empire" on the Velocity Channel, such as this 1970 Split Bumper Camero from Season 3, Episode 5

The finished project


Working on the engine


Welding in new panels




Twin 671 Blower Manifold

Designed and built based on an original from the 1950s, destined for our 1955 Chevy Gasser test mule!

Exploded CNC Model

These will be CNC and then welded together

The original from 1959

Ultra rare, used as a model

Haas VF3 Machining Center

text under the headline

In-House Fabrication


CNC in action

coolant spray

Cutting a SuperCharger Lid 

Creating Clearance

CNC-ing a dash plate


1979 Cadillac Seville

We showed this build at SEMA, and shortly thereafter noticed this article in Hot Rod Magazine...





In-House Custom Powdercoating